Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So Not A College Student Anymore

Hi Friends--

Whew!  I am dragging today. I kind of/sort of might have pulled an almost-all-nighter last night.  Today I was completely reminded that I am no longer a college student.

As you know, John is out of town.  When John goes out of town, a few things usually happen:

1.  I sleep with the fan on (even in the dead of winter).
2.  I leave the light over the sink on all night (so I don't have to come downstairs in the dark).
3.  I tend to stay up reading much later than when he is home.

All three of these things happened last night.

As it turns out, I am kind of a fan(atic) of The Hunger Games series.  Who knew?!?  My girls have been obsessed with these books for forever, but I really had no interest in reading them.  Then my friends started reading them.  Like all of my friends.  Every time I turned around, one of my friends was reading The Hunger Games.  Really?!?  The last straw was when Denise visited last month.  She went on and on about how great the books are.  I finally gave in and bought the first book.  It sat on my hope chest for almost a month.  This past weekend I ran out of books in my "to-read" pile, so I decided to pick it up.

The first book, The Hunger Games, caught my attention.  I enjoyed it.  When I finished it, I went to WalMart to buy the second book, Catching Fire.  It was Catching Fire that ended up sucking me in.  Yikes!  I couldn't put it down last night.  There I was all sprawled out in bed, enjoying my fan, just reading away.  Ten o'clock came and went.  Then 11:00 pm.  Then midnight.  About that time I decided to put a note on Emily's door letting her know we were not going to go to the gym.  I knew that I was probably making a big mistake, what with Tuesday being my longest teaching day of the week and all, but I just couldn't put down that darn book.

Needless-to-say, I was not happy when the alarm went off this morning.  And I may-or-may-not have stumbled over plenty of words during my morning class.  By my afternoon class, I had one of those all-nighter stomachaches, the same kind I used to get in college.  Don't ask me how I managed to get through the afternoon.

Now I'm just trying to stay awake long enough to go to bed.  I'm not even going to open the third book, Mockingjay, until tomorrow.   Better safe than sorry.  I know two all-nighters in a row would probably kill me.  : )

Is it bedtime yet?



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