Friday, April 6, 2012

There Are Just Some Things Grammy Does Better

Hi Friends!

Mr. Jack has a major crush...on Grammy's deviled eggs.  The boy is more than a little obsessed with their tasty goodness.  I offered to make him some of my deviled eggs (which are quite tasty, too!), but he insisted that Grammy's were the very best.  So, I e-mailed her this morning and asked for the recipe.  Like so many special things in life, she doesn't really have a recipe for her deviled eggs.  This is what she sent me:  Do not have a recipe, but I put in mayo or Miracle Whip (whatever I have), sweet relish, mustard, chop up a few onions very fine (don’t always put in onions), salt, pepper, paprika on top. Sorry this is not more detailed. Dad reminded me if you want it sweeter, use Miracle Whip instead of mayo. I am so happy that Jack likes my deviled eggs.

Her recipe cracked me up!  After a little bit of clarification on the phone and a trip to WalMart to buy some Miracle Whip, I managed to make her special recipe.  Jack gave it two thumbs up!  I guess I need to add this recipe to Grammy Apples and Chicken and Dumplings under awesome things Grammy makes.



PS  I love Easter--it's the only time I get to use my chickie deviled egg plate (love it!): 

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