Monday, June 4, 2012

One Direction Magic

Hi Friends!
Part 2 of the "Terlap Girls Best Weekend, Ever" was going to see One Direction in Chicago.  For those of you who have daughters between the age of 8-18, I'm sure you know what a HUGE deal One Direction is.  For those of you who don't, One Direction is a British Boy Band phenomenon.  Think: Beatles.  No joke.  You wouldn't believe the hysteria that surrounds this band.  Maddie's friend Lillee turned Maddie onto them a while ago--way before the hysteria and their Saturday Night Live performance.  Since then, Maddie has been, well, a little bit obsessed.  When tickets went on sale for the Chicago show, Maddie went berserk (seriously) about needing to get them.  We ended up getting tickets for Maddie, Lillee, and Emily, and the countdown until Saturday began.
The ride down was spent listening to their album and hearing all kinds of trivia about the band.  Maddie and Lillee are experts about all things One Direction. 
On a whim, we decided to go to the book signing the band was doing before the show.  The girls didn't have wristbands, but we thought we might at least get a glimpse of the boys, anyway.  In addition to the 500 people who actually had wristbands, I'd say there was 5,000 other screaming, hysterical, sign-waving, weeping girls in the parking lot along with Maddie, Emily, and Lillee.  A local rock station was sponsoring the event, and they did a great job keeping all those teenage girls busy while they waited for the boys to arrive.  Emily was one of the tallest girls there, and she decided that if Maddie sat on her shoulders, they'd get the best pictures.  And they did:
That's Louis, Maddie's favorite.  Emily, Auntie, and I like Harry.  Lillee likes Niall.  The girls absolutely DO NOT think that Auntie and I should have favorites.  : )
Christy and I spent the day being the girls' roadies.  We fetched them waters and snacks so that they could devote their full attention to watching the band.  It was so much fun watching them have fun.   At one point, Maddie had (literally) dozens of screaming girls holding up their cameras begging Maddie to get a picture for them.  She would grab a camera, take a picture, grab another camera, take another picture.  It was awesome.  Special kudos to Emily who held Maddie on her shoulders for over an hour.
After a quick bite to eat, and a trip to Target for aloe (both girls got sun burns at the book signing), it was FINALLY time for the concert!  I seriously worried that Maddie was not going to make it.  She was SO excited! : )

During the concert, Christy and I met Tom and Tommy for dinner and to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  It was totally fun and a lot quieter away from all those screaming girls! :  )  As expected, the concert was out-of-this-world exciting for all three girls.  I think they took a grand total of 450 pictures during the concert.  For real.  They were on cloud 9 the whole way home from the concert.  They were so thankful that they got to go.  It was the best. 
I love it when life turns out even better than expected. 
Thank you, boys of One Direction, for a day and night my girls will never forget.



PS  Thank you, Lillee, for letting me use a few of your photos from the day!

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