Tuesday, November 27, 2012

December Daily

Hi Friends!

Maddie is home sick with a fever today, and we are knee-deep in a "Flipping Out" marathon on Bravo.  It's the perfect non-educational show for a stay-at-home Tuesday.  : )  I decided it was also the perfect day to get my December Daily prepped.  Each year I have big plans to be diligent with my December Daily, and each year I end up falling behind and then turning it into a Christmas mini album.  This year, I'm just going to commit to going with the flow.  I'd love to end up having a little memory from each day in December, but if I don't, I'll at least have captured a good portion of the memories.  Can't wait!




  1. This is a fantastic idea for preserving those extra special December memories ... I'm about to have a baby and have been looking for something like this to remember the holidays by. I'm going to try it! Luckily I saw this post just in time!