Friday, January 4, 2013

Best. Wall. Ever.

Hi Friends!

As promised, here are a few photos of the incredibly awesome wall John built in our dining room. I absolutely love it. Start-to-finish, it took John about 3 months to complete. I basically gave him a sketch, and he made it happen. There was a whole lot of measuring and planning, and re-measuring and more planning. And then, the day after Thanksgiving it was done--just in time to decorate for Christmas. Isn't it magical? I love that each cubbie is filled with its own goodness: antique treasures accumulated over the years, favorite photographs, and of course, books. It's like having my own museum to curate--I can change out the little cubbies whenever the mood strikes.
The left side of the wall is filled with a good mixture of new and old treasures.  The "Oui" letters were found in a small town in Texas while I was shopping with my friends, Doni & Bonita.  The large #3 is an Etsy find.  The blue Mason jars, Santa tray, white button collection, and letterpress "1992" were found out antiquing with my dad.  The Chicago board is from Red Letter Words.  The skinny Santa's were carved by my Papa, and the round Santa was made by John's mom.    The top left photo is from our honeymoon, and the book tied with a ribbon on the bottom was made by my sister in college.  The photo matted in green is a picture Christy took of me in Paris (love it!).
 The middle section holds my blue bottle collection, along with some blue-spined books.  The antique fan was found with my dad at Alida's Antiques in Paris, Texas.  It still works!  All four of the sparkly cones were found at a little shop in my home town.  I think I picked up the "READ" letters on that same trip with Doni and Bonita.  I won that "Important Dates" print from Melissa at The Larson Lingo.
The right side's antique treasures include a bowling set John's dad played with as a child, books from my mom's childhood (and her high school graduation picture), a window and a jar of ornaments found in Texas, fishing bobbers I used to catch bluegills as a child, a camera my dad gave Maddie, and some keys John's mom bought me at an antique store.  The right side also holds a framed piece of sheet music containing a song one of my staff members wrote for me, three mini albums I've made over the last two years, the "Don't forget to be Awesome" felt piece I made, a little Jack-in-the-Box ornament John's mom made, and a little camera painting I won from Lindsay at Pen & Paint.  The big sparkle tree I got last year after Christmas on clearance at Pier One.  I love how it looks in that long space.

There are a few sections that will probably always stay the same, but for the most part, nothing is permanent. In fact, the cubbies above that hold Christmas decorations are now standing empty, ready to be filled up with new things later today.  I can't wait to see what I can come up with!

And there you have it, the best wall ever!  Thanks, John, for making my dreams come true! 





  1. Oh gosh, I totally love this!! what a marvelous co-creation. John proves (once again) his talents in followup and attention to detail. I don't know how you do it, that these items look tastefully placed and not one tiny bit cluttered. Just fun and inspiring. WTG! And, hey, don't forget to be awesome!! :o)

  2. Looks like it came right out of the pages of Pottery Barn. Nice work, John. Beautiful display, Vicki! 'Ya know, I'm not sure if I should pat you on the back for your genius, or slap 'ya silly.

  3. Your not joking, that is the best wall ever! What a fantastic way to showcase all the things you love.