Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh! Now I Get It!

Hi Friends!

So.  Week #1's homework for my photography class was an epic fail.  Apparently, I missed the whole point of the assignment, which was to work on depth of field.  It's really hard to show depth of field when you are a) taking pictures of flat things and b) standing 20 feet away from your subject.  Oops.  On the plus side, he did like my subject matter and composition.  Too bad neither of those were what he was looking for.  Undeterred, I set out the next day to redo the assignment, and I think I nailed it with pictures of my tuna sandwich.  Voila!  Because I put the Diet Pepsi can behind my sandwich, I was able to show depth of field.
Same shot, three different apperatures (f5.6, f11, f22).
This week's homework deals with shutter speed.  Maddie and I are heading out to stand on a bridge and shoot the cars whizzing by tonight after practice.  Wish me luck!  : )



PS  Great Harvest has the best tuna!  Sadly, I didn't get to eat the bread.  I wish they would make gluten-free bread!

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