Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Life {January 21-27}

 Hi Friends!

Last week is in the book!  I realized on Sunday night when I went to print out pictures for my spread that the only pictures of people I took all week were of the boy's swim team.  Hmm...I will definitely fix that this week. It is so weird to have a whole layout with no pictures of my family in it!  : )
 It was actually hard to find enough pictures to fill my slots.  Last week, all my pictures were of my tuna sandwich, a set of books, and my gym shoes, which I took for class.  On the plus side, I had a lot more room to add a bunch of journaling and quotes this week.  The "Grass is Greener" quote is one of my favorites.  And the heart picture I'm using for the date was part of a postcard set I found here.  When I saw the green and yellow direction this layout was heading, I knew it would be perfect for that spot.
I repeated the card I did last week to talk about what is going on in John's life.  I don't want to leave him out of the book when he travels.  Reality has set in, and we are all missing him a lot this week.  Only a few more weeks!!

Thanks for looking!



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  1. I really love how you do project life. Lots of handwritten journaling and great photos. I'm new to PL and I really ENJOY doing my spreads! :) I still learn and find tips and tricks around the internet. It's so much fun. :)
    I live in Denmark - if you like to see my pages you can visit me at
    Take care. :)