Monday, April 8, 2013

Prom Dresses and Kindness

 Hi Friends!

Oh my gosh!  I had the most magical day on Saturday--the kind of day that makes my heart so happy.  A friend of Amy's, Marie, set up a special prom dress event for a bunch of local exchange students, and she invited Raffi to come over.  Prior to the event, Marie contacted a young woman she knows who competes in pageants.  This young woman, Carrie, a junior from Appleton North High School, brought over more than a dozen of her pageant dresses for the girls to try on.    She laid them all out on two beds and let the girls pick and choose what they wanted to try on.  There were dresses with jewels and dresses with flowers, ballroom dresses that required crinoline underneath, and satin sheaths.  There were purple, sapphire, black & white, bubble gum pink, orchid, navy & lavender dresses.  Some had sequins, most did not.  Some were modest, and some were a bit more daring.   She girls squealed with joy when they saw the dresses--each one more lovely than the next.  They each gravitated to a different dress to try on first.  They shed their sweatpants and jeans and returned in one of the frothy dresses.  Some girls loved the first dress they tried on, others, like Raffi, tried on almost every single dress.  The girls were all from different countries, and each of them had their own unique personality and body shape;  one was on the taller side, one was petite, and the others fell somewhere in between.  As crazy as it is to believe, each girl ended up finding a dress they loved, a dress they felt completely lovely in. It was magical.  Carrie's generosity led to pure bliss for each of those five girls. By lending her beautiful dresses, Carrie was able to make their prom dreams come true.  I loved watching all that happiness.  And I loved watching one teenager show kindness to complete strangers.

Thank you, Carrie, for helping Raffi feel beautiful at her American prom.  




  1. Wow! I'm so blessed to have been apart of this amazing opportunity! Truly humbling! I'm excited that Raffi along with all the other girls were able to find the perfect dress for their big day! Can't wait to see everyone on May 11th!!

    Strong through Him,

  2. Wonderful story!!!! Makes me melt inside.