Monday, March 3, 2014

Project Life {February 2014}

 Hi Friends!

Are you ready for a whole bunch of Project Life goodness?  As I mentioned in January, I'm only going to post my PL pages once a month.  That way, you get to see the whole month at a glance.
 February was filled with watching the Olympics (I am a huge Olympics fan--I will watch pretty much any event!), seeing the girls' play, and the start of my new nutrition plan.
 Jack and I went and saw The Lego Movie, and I'm not going to lie--it really was awesome!  I am still singing "Everything is Awesome!"

 February was also concert month.  Jack had a concert, Emily had a concert, and Maddie had a concert.  And of course, I had to document Valentine's Day.
 We also found out that Emily is now a National Merit Scholarship finalist in February--super exciting news, for sure!

 I haven't put a whole bunch of my Color/Colour photos in my spreads, but I loved the picture of the gumballs, so I had to include it.

Emily got her first acceptance last week--from UW-Madison.  I realized that I didn't have any pictures of John in February, so I took a picture of him working on the computer--I tried to be stealth about it, but he totally noticed me.
 John's parents went to California and sent the kids Stanford sweatshirts.  Two out of three of them put them on yesterday, so of course, I had Emily put hers on, too, so I could take a picture.

 I broke my promise about not buying any more scrapbook supplies when I saw that Kal and Ann-Marie both designed flair for Scrapbook & More.  I had to stock up, right?  Now I'm done (I promise, John!).

And that's February!  I love Project Life.


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